Is it time for a Creative Breakthrough?

Are you ready to break through to the next stage of your creativity, paving the way for more creative excitement, passion, engagement and fulfillment?  In just one short call, you may find you’re closer than you think!

Hello Creative Person,

Does this feel familiar to you?

When you feel connected to your creativity, you have a sense of well-being: whole, engaged, and full of enthusiasm for life.

But without that creative connection, this vital life energy begins to drain away.

If you're like me, you can actually experience suffering. Suffering questions of identity. Or maybe doubting the worth of your creative vision.

Maybe even starting to wonder if you're that creative after all, or if the effort is even worth it.

I don't know about you, but from what I've seen and experienced, when this happens people don't feel so much engaged, enthusiastic and alive...

It’s more like frustrated, cynical, defeated, ashamed...and in dire situations maybe even despairing.

It doesn't have to be this way. It's possible to live in full awareness of your unique creative genius, every day.



What’s important for a creative life

I believe that creativity is less about what we create, and more fundamentally about the process of creating, and how this process connects us to ourselves.

Over the course of our lives, it’s more important that we stay connected to our creativity then it is that we constantly “succeed” at it. Staying connected -- truly knowing our creativity -- is where true fulfillment lies; and this is where we find the power to both succeed and fail…and go on to create again.

We each have a way of being creative that is profoundly personal: it’s an individual expression. Often, we just need to reconnect with this inner process.

We need a breakthrough in understanding that can help us move forward.

So if you’re feeling creatively stifled, stuck, hungry, lost, overwhelmed, under-performing, confused, or even just bored, know this: it doesn't have to be this way.


I've been there.

I’ve been there, believe me, I get it! I’ve suffered every one of those feelings I just described.

I’ve had my share of ups and downs, successes and failures--and more than one time where I was sure I’d completely lost my path.

Psychologically, I’ve despaired of ever “making it,” of ever being “good enough.” Of ever finishing that big project. Of ever realizing my creative potential.

But you know what? That no longer matters to me. Underneath all of that, I’ve come to understand some important truths about creativity that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Things that I can now depend upon to support creative success and fulfillment...

Things I’d like to share with you.


A way to reconnect to your creativity

For one thing, creative breakthroughs come in all shapes and sizes. From big epiphanies to quiet insights. And: creative breakthroughs don't mean only big a-ha moments of creative discovery. They also mean breakthroughs in our understanding of who we are as creative people.

But they share one thing in common: the ability to release creative energy so you can become productive, excited, and fall in love with your creativity once again.

As someone who has gone through the torture of creative un-fulfillment more than once, I know how life-draining that frustration can be. And I also know how joyous it is to once again find yourself connected with your creative energy and productivity.

A Creative Breakthrough Call can get you back on track and creating again – or give you an essential boost to the next level. It will reawaken your imagination to the real possibilities in front of you now.

Imagine beginning to dismantle procrastination, fear, and – most importantly – any old stories you may have of why creative fulfillment and success isn’t possible for you. Wouldn't that feel great?

You'll experience joy and relief when you feel that energy surge through you again!

It is possible for you -- and you can begin right now.



The Creative Breakthrough Call helps you better understand your current creative landscape: challenges, potentials, dreams and danger zones. Once that comes into view, then together we'll identify the most important action to take within your current circumstances.

After the Creative Breakthrough Call we’ll have a picture on where you stand, and of what may be holding you back and why. You’ll be empowered to move forward, with better understanding, more confidence and clarity.

This can work for you.

Where are you at right now?

  • Perhaps you have a project, creative idea, or business concept already in mind, or partially developed.
  • Maybe you're struggling in your creative profession and need a life raft, some place to feel safe while you explore your creativity away from the stress of "creativity on demand."
  • Perhaps you’re trying to adapt your creative calling to a rapidly changing world. Or maybe your family depends upon your ingenuity right now, and you're feeling unsure.
  • It could be that you feel you're in a pretty good place - you just need some support to get to the next level in your creative journey
  • Maybe there’s a form of creative expression you turned your back on and don’t know how to pick back up again. A childhood talent, or an abandoned project. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to come back home to that project or talent with a clear understanding on how to move forward?
  • Perhaps your dreams feel less formed than that, but no less close to your heart. Maybe you know deep down you have what it takes to write that New York Times bestseller.
  • Maybe there's an award-winning documentary film inside of you. Perhaps you are the one to chronicle our changing times, in images, words, stories, music.
  • Your creative fulfillment may simply lie in the proud recognition of family and friends who can finally celebrate your achievements. How heartwarming and unforgettable that will be!

For some people, creativity is about living a self-expressive life, where the deepest creative aspiration is no less than a sense of self-actualization. As we all come to appreciate more deeply what life is really about in these intensified times, we can understand the vital importance of this drive.

And if you're this sort of person, there's no way your life can be lived wholly and completely without creative expression.

That's the potential benefit from this work - and no less than this is at stake. A Creative Breakthrough Call may be your turning point.


I hope you can sense how there’s a lot of value for you in the Creative Breakthrough Call. That’s certainly my intention. And let me reassure you that, yes, the call is completely free. I offer these calls for a couple of reasons. 

First, I believe very much in what I do. After everything I’ve experienced, I’ve really come to believe that the most important thing we can do regarding our own creativity is to just stay in touch with it. Success, failure, this form of creativity, or that form of creativity -- none of that matters the most.

What matters the most is that we don’t let the connection die. I believe so passionately in this that I am willing to give you my knowledge, expertise and guidance for free. And if it helps you out, this really feeds my heart.  

And, just so you know, these calls are also one of the ways I get clients. Some of the people who sign up for a Creative Breakthrough Call will decide they would like to have my support as they put their insights into action, and they enter into a coaching agreement with me. We can certainly discuss this at the end of the call, but the focus of the call is you, now, and what we can discover together.



As a creativity business consultant, I’ve worked with brands you'd likely recognize. As a subject matter expert on creativity, I’m published in a handful of academic publications, and I’ve presented internationally on a variety of topics related to creativity.

That’s all been wonderful. But I've got to tell you: it’s working one on one with people as a coach that I love the best.

My coaching clients are professional artists and artisans from different disciplines, professionals in other creative fields, small business owners, people making life changes and needing to adapt to our rapidly changing world, leaders looking to inspire creativity in their teams, and anyone who wants to explore their creativity on a personal or professional level.

Here’s what those who have worked with me have to say:

“The lessons I learned have helped me overcome my resistance to change. What could have previously zapped me of my motivation can now be seen as an opportunity. Thank you Amy." – SM

“Armed with her keen sense of observation and her understanding of human nature, Amy can engage fully with anyone... This gives her tremendous influence regardless of the complexity or challenge of the task at hand.” – TM

“It’s so easy for us to get stuck in ruts or ‘I’ve always done it that way’ mindsets. Amy knows not only how to show other ways of looking at situations, but also how to get excited about taking new pathways.” – DC

“The techniques give a clear roadmap for solving problems. After a session with Amy, you’ll wonder how you managed to be successful without them!” RH



Typically, I coach on a one on one basis, though I do offer group coaching a few times a year. Individual 45-minute sessions are usually held on Zoom or similar platform, although once every now and again I will suggest, or circumstances will require, an email session -- which can be amazingly productive.  

But for us now, the Creative Breakthrough Call is a no-obligation call. My goal is to set the stage for any breakthrough creative insights that may be shimmering under the surface -- insights that you can put into practice immediately. Some people who participate in a Breakthrough Call and are ready to make a transformation in their creative life will find there’s a fit, and will want to continue to work with me to bring these insights into action, but that is up to you.

Since my time is limited and I can’t speak with everyone, before booking your Creative Breakthrough Call, please consider the following criteria:  

  • You take your creativity to heart; it’s important to you 
  • You’re willing to take small steps toward big visions 
  • You’re willing to open up and share honestly during our call 
  • You're free of dependencies upon drugs or alcohol to access your creativity

Click the button below to complete a short application and request an appointment time. Space is limited. You'll receive confirmation and call-in details. If for whatever reason I feel the call would not be a good fit at this time, I'll let you know; otherwise your spot is scheduled. I'm excited to talk to you!

Click here to schedule your Creative Breakthrough Call

Congratulations on taking this step. Your creative breakthrough is on the way!  

To your creativity, 

Amy Frazier